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Implementation based on the Media RSS Specification Version 1.1.2 (last version could be found at

Status per item

Element Write Read Schema Comment
media:group Yes No No
media:content Yes No No Test coverage is not full.
media:adult N/A N/A N/A Deprecated
media:rating Yes No No Helpers with common values are not implemented
media:title Yes No No
media:description Yes No No
media:keywords No No No
media:thumbnail Partial No No Time is not implemented; test coverage is not full
media:category Yes No No
media:hash No No No
media:player No No No
media:credit No No No
media:copyright No No No
media:text No No No
media:restriction No No No

Copyright note

Most of the code comments based on the original specification, all credits for this comments are going to original authors of the Media RSS Specification.

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